Despite Calls Bulgaria Stubborn against North Macedonia Freezing EU Accession Talks Even for Albania

While the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the European Union is proceeding with its deliberations in Luxembourg, the rapporteur for Albania in the European Parliament, Isabel Santos wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that this is an important moment for Albania. Santos says that the first intergovernmental conference for Albania should be scheduled.

"An important moment for Albania. The path to accession to the European Union should reflect the progress made by the country. The first intergovernmental conference is to be scheduled. The good will of the Albanian people towards the European Union also deserves this development," Santos wrote.

On his part, the German Minister for Europe Affairs, Michael Roth posted a note on twitter calling for the fulfillment of the obligations towards Albania and North Macedonia on Tuesday.

"Please allow bilateral issues to be resolved bilaterally, without blocking the EU from moving forward. Let us think strategically and understand: we must fulfill our obligations to Albania and North Macedonia," said Roth.

But Bulgaria has not given up on the General Affairs Council either, insisting on blocking the start of negotiations on North Macedonia. The debate on enlargement at the meeting of Foreign Ministers in Luxembourg has been intense on this topic.

The Bulgarian representative at the meeting, according to the MIA news agency, said: "The EU does not understand the depth of the problem between Skopje and Sofia. This dispute is a European issue and Bulgaria is in a specific situation due to the upcoming elections in July."

However, European diplomats complain that Bulgaria cannot give any guarantee that it will unblock the veto if it has a political government. /