DP in Election Process of New Head, Berisha Insists He Could Return to Party’s Helm

The Democratic Party (DP) members are voting to elect the new chairman at a time when the party is in disorder after the loss in the April 25 general elections. According to the head of the election commission, Jemin Gjana the voting process will end at 7 pm on Sunday and the best will be done to find out the new chairman between the runners who are Lulzim Basha, Agron Shehaj, Fatbardh Kadidhi and Edit Harxhi. They all cast their votes in the morning.

According to Gjana, the total number of the DP members stands at 75,000 persons who are voting at 76 voting centers across the country. Figures show that the participation in the election was low being around 31 percent of the membership.

The veteran leader, Sali Berisha met journalists after casting his vote and when asked about an eventual return to the helm of the DP he said he was consistent in what he said.

A few days ago, the elected lawmaker of Democratic Party (DP) Ervin Salianji, who is very close to Basha, commenting on the statement of former Prime Minister Berisha on a possible return to the DP’s chairmanship, said that he sees it as a joke made at a certain moment.

“I am consistent in my statements,” said Berisha who resigned after the loss of the DP in 2013.

It remains to be seen if it is true what Salianji said that Berisha was making a joke when the latter said he was considering the return to the party leadership.

It is reported that Berisha and Basha had a two-hour meeting after casting their votes but no details are made available about what they discussed.

Could it be possible that Berisha was angry with Salianji who introduced Berisha as a humorist in the eyes of the journalists? / argumentum.al