DP Instructs Local Branches to Provide Evidence on ‘April 25 Electoral Massacre’

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) has asked its branches in all counties to fill out a form regarding the analysis of what they call the election massacre. This decision was taken at the meeting of the DP Chairmanship on Saturday.

The instruction signed by the Secretary General Gazment Bardhi on Friday requires all branches of the party to complete some points which highlight the problems observed in the parliamentary elections of April 25. Analysis will serve to show the internal and external factors that influenced the election result. Socialist Party was declared winner with 74 votes while DP got 59 seats in the 140-member parliament which will convene early in September this year.

According to the DP’s instruction, internal factors include elements such as influential people, to whom they have contributed, the added value of the coalition and the state of the party structure in the respective branch. External factors include negative phenomena used by the political opponent, which caused the electoral massacre, as well as influential people who have worked against the DP.

The format for drafting the summary analytical report has an orienting character and contains the minimum data that must be reported. The instruction comes after the last meeting of the DP leadership where it was decided to start the analysis of the elections. Meanwhile, it was decided that the National Assembly of the DP will be held on July 17.

It is not known the effectiveness of such a campaign by DP chairman  Lulzim Basha and his followers as Socialist Party and PM Edi Rama are expediting procedures for the third ruling mandate. In addition, Rama repeated that OSCE/ODIHR have declared that the April 25 elections were regular in Albania.

Some analysts claim that this campaign, like the party elections held a few weeks ago, is being used by chairman Lulzim Basha to justify the third consecutive loss of Democratic Party since 2013 with warnings by Rama that he will govern this Balkan country until 2030.  / argumentum.al