DP Says Albania Ranked Top Supplier of Europe with Narcotics, 2nd for Corruption in the World

A report by the UN on narcotics lists Albania as the first country of origin of cannabis in Europe and the sixth in the world for the period 2015-2019.

This was said in a statement of the Democratic Party (DP) released on Tuesday which noted that the World Bank and EBRD ranked Albania second in the world for bribery and corruption last week.

"These black records are the only achievements of the Rama-Doshi regime during these years. These are achievements  have tarnished the face of Albania internationally and put our country on a black list from which only the regime gains and Albanian families lose," said the statement.

According to DP, the model built by Edi Rama of cooperation with crime by licensing the growth of cannabis especially in the election period, has made Albania the first for drugs and corruption, but the last in Europe for per capita income, as the data published a few days ago by Eurostat testified.

"That is why Albanians leave, the streets are bloody, families live in uncertainty about their lives and future, because the interests of a minority of robbers have been violently superimposed on the vast majority of citizens," concluded DP's statement./ argumentum.al