DP Will Be Active in Parliament, Squares, Streets, Media, International Partners, said MP Shehu

The Democratic Party (DP) election process, although premature, but imposed by internal factors, was closed within democratic standards.

This is the conclusion of Tritan Shehu, a  re-elected member of parliament on April 25 this year in an interview with ATSH on Thursday.

"This should be followed by the full evidence of the electoral massacre, internal analysis in the DP, and productive conclusions," said Shehu who has joined the group of supporters of the DP chairman, Lulzim Basha.

DP will soon have prepared a complete material for the deep deformation of democracy during the election process of 25 April.

The role, the task of "cooperation" of the DP, as the pivot of the Albanian opposition, is to play the role of a strong, clear, transparent opposition, in the face of this regime, he said.

For this, all the possibilities and constitutional spaces should be used, institutions including the Parliament, squares, streets, media, international partners, etc., said Shehu.

PM Edi Rama has pledged he and the Socialist Party which is in power since 2013 will rule Albania at least until 2030 and a vision on the future of the country has been framed. / argumentum.al