Dutch MP Supports Opening of EU’s Talks with WB to Check Russian, Chinese Interference

Apparently, it is not just the perspective of Western Balkan countries getting closer to the EU along the accession course the reason behind the opening of the accession talks with these countries, but to keep the Russian and Chinese influence far from the region.

It is not the first time that such a claim has served as a justification for the launching of the intergovernmental talks of the EU with Albania and North Macedonia.

But the Dutch deputy of CDA, Mustafa Amhaouch was straightforward in his arguments when he said as a local media quoted him on Wednesday that one reason for the agreement to open the talks is the Russian and Chinese intervention in the Balkans. He said that also, the new membership procedures mean that control over the countries that start negotiations is easier. The process can be postponed, canceled or reversed if countries deteriorate or do not meet agreements and standards.

The Dutch Embassy in Tirana confirmed that the Netherlands has agreed to hold the First Intergovernmental Conference with Albania.

The embassy announced that the majority of the parliament agreed, and added that the procedure will be finalized on Thursday with the voting of possible motions raised by the parties or parliamentary groups.

"Today, the majority of the parliament agreed to hold the First Intergovernmental Conference with Albania after the approval of the negotiating framework. The procedure will be finalized tomorrow with the voting of possible motions raised by parties or parliamentary groups," the embassy announced among other things.

Sjoerd Sjoerdsma from the D66 party said it would take at least another ten years for Albania to join the EU. Against the start of negotiations are still SP, PVV and Forum.

It is still not clear when the negotiations with Albania will start, said the Dutch media. This is also because Bulgaria is blocking the start of talks with North Macedonia. / argumentum.al