Dutch Parliament Okays Albania's Accession Talks with EU on Condition of Having Its Monitors

The Dutch Parliament has voted in favor of opening Albania's accession negotiations with the European Union by approving a motion drafted by two Dutch MPs, Kaminga and Amhaouch.

"Albania has recently made progress on issues required by the European Union, noting that the start of accession negotiations for Albania is only the beginning of a long process of reforms," ​​the motion reads.

The whole process emphasizes that the motion should have as a condition the continuous monitoring of Albania's progress by the European Commission, and  to ensure the inclusion of the Netherlands with its monitoring representatives who will report annually to the Dutch parliament, especially in particular on issues of judicial cooperation and migration.

Meanwhile, another motion calling for no further steps to be taken for the integration of Albania and North Macedonia into the EU was rejected by Dutch MPs.

The meeting of the European Council is expected on June 22, where the Union will decide whether or not there will be a date for the First Intergovernmental Conference with Albania and North Macedonia.

It's not clear how it will be proceeded if Bulgaria insists on its veto against North Macedonia.

/ argumentum.al