Erection of National Memorial to Missing Victims of Communist Regime Supported by Religious Communities

To honor some 4,500 people who went missing during the communist dictatorship the politically persecuted have demanded the erection of a memorial in Albania.
President of the Union of Former Prisoners and Political Persecuted Besim Ndregjoni said on Wednesday that this is an obligation for families who do not have a grave for their relatives.
"Some 4,500 Albanian families have been praying for 30 years to have a grave for their missing relatives something which have not happened. We will build a national parcel of memory behind the State University of Tirana, where the names of 4,500 missing people will be listed as the torches of freedom," said Ndregjoni.
Representatives of religious communities hailed the initiative as a reminder of those whose lives were macabrely taken by the regime.
"When the grave is lost, the nation also loses, everything is lost. I wish that together we realize this dream of the people who do not have a grave ... The state must do something, we stand in solidarity with this initiative," said Ndregjoni.
The relatives of the 4,500 missing people have kept requiring that a memorial site be erected where they could light a candle in honor of the missing. Representatives of the persecuted stressed that the state institutions should pay attention to the creation of the memorial corner in Albania. /