Ex- FinMin Says Dismissal of President Is an Influential Move

Former Socialist Minister of Finance Arben Malaj stated that it is a shame that the ruling Socialist Party (SP) is holding its Congress in the stadium in Tirana in an interview on a local TV on Thursday.

"The Socialists should celebrate the event despite the fact that the SP is led by a group of 'renaissance' figures. Congress cannot be held in the stadium because a document cannot be discussed in the stadium. The holding of the Congress in the stadium is shameful for ordinary socialists. Making different decisions cannot be done in one stadium," said Malaj, one of the most outstanding figures of SP ousted from its ranks because of adverse stances in the face of PM Edi Rama.

In the meantime Malaj stressed that the April 25 elections produced a result without a solution.

"The elections of April 25 are elections without solutions. This is because they have not managed to remove the noose from the throat of Albania in its European integrations. The integration process has been blocked by Rama and Albania," he said.

In a comment on the parliamentary decision to dismiss President Ilir Meta he was of the opinion that it would be good for Meta not to be aggressive.

"The dismissal of the president is an influential move," Malaj said.

He also spoke about the executive order of US President Joe Biden, saying that those who fell prey to greed should be scared.

"Let those who are greedy be scared. New leaders in politics need to be educated. Impunity must end. Let's see if Rama will share power or will hold power only himself.

Rama should not feel satisfied and arrogant because currently the focus is on someone else. I think that Rama is hindering the integration of the country and I am not afraid to say this both in front of Albanians and in front of foreigners," said Malaj. / argumentum.al