Greece to Offer Covid Vaccines to Albania and North Macedonia; Checkpoint of Qafe-Bote Expected to Open

Greece will supply its northern neighbours Albania and North Macedonia with 40,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccines, the government spokeswoman said on Thursday as quoted by

“Greece, in coordination with the European Commission, as most European countries do for their neighbours, will offer vaccines…20,000 doses to North Macedonia and 20,000 to Albania,” Aristotelia Peloni told a news conference.

Peloni would not say when this will happen.

In another event, Greece has reported that it will open one of its border checkpoints with Albania. As it's reported by local media on Thursday the checkpoint of Qafe-Bote will be opened on June 7.

This decision breaks a deadlock as the land border checkpoints between Albania and Greece are closed since a year and a half. The border crossings of Kapshtica and Kakavija continue to be closed while the entrance of travellers from Greece continues normally. /