HIJ 'Celebrates' Consideration of 1000th Complaint Pledging to Carry out Its Mission

The consideration of the 1000th complaint on Friday by the Office of the High Inspector of Justice (HIJ) has been assessed as an important moment of effectiveness and transparency of this institution.  Established only 16 months ago like a completely new institution HIJ  has over 3700 complaints filed for judges and prosecutors, most of them accumulated over years, said a press release issued by this Office on Friday.

It announced that the files had been forwarded by institutions as the High Council of Justice, the High Judicial Council, the High Prosecution Council, the General Prosecutor and the Ministry of Justice.

The review of complaints is done according to a working methodology approved by the High Inspector of Justice (Order no. 65, dated 28.09.2020, Order no. 66, dated 28.09.2020 and Order no. 98, dated 12.11.2020), which regulates the manner of re-evaluation, categorization and level of priority in treatment.

"Giving citizens a timely response to their complaints, regardless of the time or institution when and they filed them, remains a priority for the office of HIJ," said the press release. "The HIJ office has facilitated the complaining process, which can be done in three ways. The complaint can be filed electronically, by filling the complaint form and sending it to the official e-mail, which is available on the official website of HIJ; by mail, or by coming in person at the HIJ Office to complete and submit the form."

In addition it said that the process of submitting complaints to the HIJ takes place every day of the week, from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 14:00 and each complainant, if needed, is assisted by the Complaints Sector staff.

Because of the commitment of the institution to be as transparent as possible about its activity, the official website of HIJ reflects and updates every Monday the figures of complaints received by HIJ, those handled, complaints in the process of treatment and verification after the initial review, as well as the number of decisions taken by the High Inspector of Justice to initiate a disciplinary investigation and the number of requests for disciplinary proceedings against judges and prosecutors, it was said.

"The High Inspector of Justice urges citizens, institutions, media and civil society organizations to continue to contribute in denouncing facts or violations that may be committed by magistrates," concluded the press release.  /argumentum.al