Interior Minister Washes Away His Responsibility over Rising Bloody Fatalities Across Albania

Editor’s note

No responsibility at all has found the Interior Minister, Bledi Cuci in his performance and that of police structures while speaking about the bloodshed which happened in two tragic events during last Friday and Saturday in southern and northern Albania.

"I fully understand the public concern that these two events have created, as well as the loud complaint against the State Police. But I want to emphasize strongly: Beyond its shortcomings or weaknesses and further improvements that are needed and will be made, the State Police neither follows every car that moves on the roads of the country, nor can it prevent a clash at 1 o'clock at night between two neighbors," stressed Çuçi washing away any responsibilities of police.

However, in the face of the mounting popular criticism which was joined even by the heads of different religious communities, Cuci warned of a 'cosmetic' reshaping of the police structures which, according to him, will start with what he labelled a profound change of the heads of the state police structures at the county level. It will be extended step by step at the capillary level in each police station of the territory of the Republic of Albania, he said. Cuci’s revelations were made on Monday after a meeting he had on Sunday with PM Edi Rama who said they could not wait until next September but should change police structures now.

This string of governors’ articulations is made after two consecutive tragic events which claimed the lives of 10 people in Albania in road accidents and gunfights.

"Both fatal cases certainly require, in the first place, a reflection from everyone, without exception, including the State Police, which during our third term in office will be equipped with super-intelligent drones, modern road monitoring systems,” he announced.

According to the Minister, above all the judges and prosecutors should reflect, especially those who have not yet passed the Vetting process, and who usually operate on the principle 'Catch what you can catch'. The State Police detain but do not punish offenders and criminals, they are punished by the court," underlined Cuci. He concluded by announcing that police are ready for new challenges pledging to meet the needs of the citizens, and there will be changes in the cupola of the local police directorates to accomplish such a task.

The parish priest of Shkodra, Dom Vlash Palaj appealed to the society, mainly to the responsible local and central authorities, to reflect on what is happening at the end of the last Sunday Mass from the "St. Stephen" Cathedral in Shkodra, northern Albania, where four people were assassinated and two others were wounded in a shootout, which have become common across this Balkan country.

Even though respecting his status as a religious figure Dom Vlash Palaj could not fail to point the finger at the senior officials, who are guilty for such a tragic situation. Using a careful wording of his appeal Dom Vlash Palaj launched the following appeal: “May God give someone the courage to see that he is not able to properly administer the common good and resign and leave. I wish someone really had the courage to say in the face of this catastrophe, the extinction of a family and the ruining of two other families, that I am not for this job and to leave the place to someone else!"

Minister Cuci did not do that, he did not resign, rather he washed away any guilt but what is more punishable is the shameful defense of police structures that, according to his logic, have done an excellent job.

In his eyes people are the guilty party, the victims deserve that fatal end! Such things happen only in Albania where all the faults of the miserable situation of this country belong to the people. The current Socialist Party rulers are right and it’s more than true the saying that a people have a government which they deserve!

This Minister, his boss, the PM, Edi Rama, are their pick up for a 3rd consecutive rule, so they should keep their mouths shut because even internationals back strongly the ‘Rama’ government as the right choice to run this Balkan country even though in misery and amidst daily fatalities like in a war. /