Journalist Worried over Criticism against Media by US Ambassador to Tirana

Criticism of US Ambassador Yuri Kim to the media over the vetting of prosecutor Elisabeta Imeraj has been met with anger by journalists.

Analyst Enton Abilekaj said on Tuesday as quoted by local media that the ambassador cannot talk about Rama's personal state, but is attacking the media.

"This is the second time that Ambassador Kim has blamed the media. The first time was in Opinion, for the case of Ylli Ndroqi and now for Elisabeta Imeraj. She blames the media, not politics, she blames the consequence, not the cause," he said. In his opinion if the media are afraid, or sold, or have a conflict of interest, it happens because politics has put them in this position, with pressure and seduction, with blocking and subsidizing.

Abilekaj suggested that if Ambassador Kim can not talk about the majority and the personal state of Edi Rama, there is no need to talk about the media, which is.only his consequence. /