Judge of Elbasan, Kapedani Resigns over Videos Scandal on TikTok

The High Judicial Council (HJC) decided on Monday to suspend the judge of Elbasan, Enkeleda Kapedani, after the publication of the videos on the social network TikTok. This measure will be in force until the end of the investigation.
"In this case, there are legal conditions for imposing on the magistrate, Enkeleda Kapedani the provisional measure of suspension from the exercise of duty until the end of disciplinary proceedings, because the continuation of the magistrate in office seriously discredits the figure and position of the magistrate," said the Inspector General of Justice, Artur Metani.
In the meantime, while the HJC started the hearing session for the disciplinary proceeding requested by the High Judicial Inspectorate for the dismissal of the judge of Elbasan, Enkeleda Kapedani, the latter has resigned from the position of vice president in the Court of Elbasan.
With the argument not to hinder the investigation, Kapedani announced her resignation from the post in the court of Elbasan. Kapedani began her speech with a public apology, as she demanded from the members of the HJC a fair trial. /argumentum.al