Kosovo Speaker on Visit to Albania, Received by His Counterpart Ruci

Albania appreciates the position of the Government of Kosovo, Parliament, President, main political forces and its leaders for prudence, calm, unity and unification of the need for consultations in order to have a much more unified position for the dialogue with Serbia, has said Speaker Gramoz Ruci according to whom Albania thinks it is Serbia that has committed genocide against the people of Kosovo.

Ruci made that statement in a joint press conference on Monday with his Kosovo counterpart Glauk Konjufca, who is in Albania on an official visit.

According to him, it is Serbia that has committed crimes against humanity, that has committed war crimes, that has hidden criminals in search for decades and that has not cooperated with the International Court of Justice in The Hague and today tries to glorify its criminals who were protected and hid by it.

"We as Albania highly appreciate the recent visit of Palmer and Lajçak to Pristina and Belgrade as well as their contribution to the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. Of course, we also appreciated the agreement for the first meeting scheduled to be held in June this year between Prime Minister Kurti and President Vucic, in coordination with our strategic partners," said Ruci.

"We share the same opinion that the final result should be a legally binding agreement that enables mutual recognition of the two countries, Kosovo's membership in the UN and the EU and the fair treatment of minorities in Kosovo in accordance with the Constitution of Kosovo," he said.

Ruci said that it is encouraging the full support of the new US administration and personally of President Biden, who said that reaching a comprehensive agreement on the normalization of relations with Kosovo, focused on mutual recognition.

"For us it is very promising the fact that both the US and the EU do not have a difference of views regarding the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. This was proved by the joint visit of Palmer and Lajçak to Kosovo at the end of May this year,” said Ruci.

"Albania highly appreciates the dignified attitude of the former leaders of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army, as well as their readiness to face justice and reveal the truth of the great struggle to save its people from crime and all the Serbian genocide ", said Ruçi.

While the head of the Parliament of Kosovo, Konjufca in his remarks said that, “we have common interests and the same since we are a nation. So, the Albanian people of Kosovo and the Albanian people of Albania are a nation and I think we should have the policy and articulation of our common interests. So, since we have the same goals, to the same extent we have common challenges."

"Although so far, if you look at the general corpus of memoranda and agreements that the Republic of Kosovo has signed with the Republic of Albania, it reaches around 140 documents, still the space is much larger for deepening cooperation,” said the Kosovo Speaker. /argumentum.al