Kukës Prosecutor Detained, Two Senior Police Officers Dismissed in Vlora

Kukes Prosecutor Edmond Karriqi was arrested on Wednesday during an operation. Karriqi is accused of corruption, while he was arrested in the center of Kavaja. Police have conducted searches in his apartment.

"The Special Prosecution against Corruption and Organized Crime Tirana has conducted investigations in the framework of criminal proceedings no. 49/1 year 2021 which deals with the criminal offenses "Active corruption of judges, prosecutors and other justice officials", committed in cooperation, as well as "Passive corruption of judges, prosecutors and other justice officials," said the statement.

From the investigative actions carried out for this criminal proceeding in cooperation with the judicial police of the State Police Directorate, concrete evidence has been obtained and collected from which reasonable suspicions have been created that the citizen Edmond Kariqi, in the capacity of Head of Prosecution at the Court of the first degree Kukës.

In another event, two police officers were suspended from work after using violence against a citizen on Wednesday.

The SHÇBA, in the framework of the criminal proceeding no. 1522/2020, in cooperation with the Prosecution at the Court of First Instance of Vlora, executed the order of the Court of First Instance of Vlora, which has imposed the personal security measure “Suspension of exercising a duty of public service ” for Police employees:

  • Deputy Commissioner XH.Q., acting Head of the Section for Public Order and Safety at the Himara Police Commissariat;
  • Inspector K.S., acting inspector in the Administrative Unit Lukovë, Himara.

The proceeding started on the basis of a report of a citizen for the criminal offense of "Committing arbitrary actions", after violence was used against the complainant by Inspector K.S.

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