Light Shed on Explosion Thrown on Business of Former Socialist MP Lefter Koha in Durres

New details have been made public by police on the explosion which was thrown by a drone on the business of the former deputy Lefter Koka. Police have arrested 44-year-old Gentjan Meta for the incident, after the dashboard of the drone with which he threw the TNT was found. A drone loaded with explosives was used, which exploded being released from the drone, but thankfully there are no injured persons, but only material damage.

According to the police on Friday, the cause of this event is suspected to be the trade conflict for the wine brand, while the suspect is already handcuffed.

The official police communiqué stated that Gentian. M, 44 years old, placed TNT in the business where the administrator is Jurgen Dashi. This company was established in 1995 with the brand Canteen of drinks "Gjergj Kastriot Skëndërbeu", while the former minister Koka, has 88.19% of the shares in this company.

The mechanism of the explosion has set in motion the anti-terror structures in the State Police, while it turns out that such a scenario has been evidenced for the first time.

Another suspect with the initials A.M was also handcuffed, but the court imposed a personal security measure "obligation to appear" on him after he was accused of violating industrial property rights and acting against the court.

The politician, Koka, turned into a businessman, is a controversial figure who changed political parties according to his own interests. Lastly, he belonged to the ruling Socialist Party abandoning the Socialist Movement for Integration, a move which has been accompanied with harsh attacks of Koka against his former party and President Ilir Meta. /