New Deputies of Albania’s Parliament Certified by Electoral Body

Mandates among electoral subjects and the formalization of the winning candidates in all constituencies of Albania in the April 25 elections were certified by the Central Election Commission (CEC) on Wednesday, it is officially reported.

State Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi stressed on Wednesday that in framing the final draft it will take into account the claim of the Democratic Party (DP) to determine the political affiliation of the winning candidates in the cases when these political parties are part of a coalition. "The claim stands and we will reflect it on the draft act. In cases when the winning candidates are part of the multi-name list of a coalition, the political party to which the winning candidate belongs will also be determined."

According to the results made public Celibashi gave details of the spread of the parliamentary mandates in the country's districts. The distribution of mandates in the districts is as follows: Gjirokastra SP 3, DP-AN, 1; Dibra DP 3, SP 2 mandates; Durrës SP 8, DP 6 mandates; Tirana SP 18, DP 15, SMI 2 and PSD 1; Shkodra DP 5, SP 3, PSD 2, SMI 1; Berat SP 5, DP 2; Kukës DP 2, SP 1; Korca SP 6 and DP 5, Lezha DP 4, SP 3; Vlora SP 8, DP 4; Elbasan SP 8, DP and in the district of Fier SP 9 seats, DP 6 seats and SMI 1 seat.

Nationwide, the Socialist Party won 74 seats in the elections, the Democratic Party 59, the Socialist Movement for Integration 4 and the Social Democratic Party 3.

Given what is happening officially it is easy to reconfirm the prediction that all the efforts of the opposition Democratic Party (DP) to file complaints on irregularities are futile. They are more a service to DP chairman for internal party consumption to justify his disaster in April 25 elections with the alleged electoral massacre.

DP deputies have confirmed in large numbers that they will participate in the new parliament to be convened in early September 2021. /