New Number Two of Albanian Diplomacy Is Daughter of Late PM Bashkim Fino

The daughter of the late Prime Minister and former veteran Socialist MP Bashkim Fino, Mrs. Megi Fino takes the important post in the government headed by Socialist Party PM Edi Rama. By decision of the Council of Ministers released on Wednesday she was appointed Deputy Foreign Minister.

"It was Prime Minister Rama who proposed this post to Megi Fino," it is said by media outlets linked to Rama.

The government decision says that in line with article 100 of the Constitution and point 2, article 6, of law no. 9000, dated 30.1.2003, "On the organization and functioning of the Council of Ministers", at the proposal of the Prime Minister, the Council of Ministers decided that Mrs. Megi Fino has been appointed Deputy Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

It is to be noted that the decision is signed by deputy premier Erion Brace "in absence and as ordered by PM Edi Rama". /