PM Rama Reveals US Decision to Declare First President of Communist Era Sali Berisha as End of Transition in Albania

Prime Minister Edi Rama has criticized the EU for not making a decision on Albania's opening of the accession talks with the Union. He said that during an interview with the Former US Envoy for Serbia-Kosovo Dialogue, Richard Grenell carried by US media "Newsmax" on Thursday.
"The EU has given its assessment and promise that Albania and North Macedonia will join the EU. On the other hand, there is no decision because the EU is based on the decision-making of all states and then when one state disagrees everything is stopped," said Rama.
Asked about the initiative taken by the Western Balkans for the so-called "Balkans Schengen" or "Mini Schengen" Rama said
it is possible to develop barrier-free areas for goods and people hinting on Serbia-Kosovo conflict.
Kosovo PM Albin Kurti has announced his government will not attend the virtual meeting between Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia in the frame of "Balkans Schengen" to be held on June 29 at the initiative of President Alexander Vucic.
"First of all, I have to reiterate that you are no longer in the role of contributor to the Minishengen initiative for which I thank you for your role. On the other hand, there is an unresolved conflict due to the non-recognition of Kosovo by Serbia. But it is possible to develop a life without barriers between people and goods," said Rama.
When asked about the decision of the US State Department to declare former Prime Minister Sali Berisha "non grata", Albanian PM said that this is a signal that impunity in the country is ending.
Sali Berisha is portrayed as the arch political adversary of Rama, but he has been the closest collaborator of the US in the 1990s being picked up by Washington as first president in the post communist era.
"I would say that on the one hand it is sad to see this reality, but it is a signal that the American administrations continue to be the voice of justice reform. For me it was more or less like announcing the end of the transition and the end of impunity. Nobody is above the law," said Rama. /