PM Rama Says EU Has Broken Its Promises by Not Opening Talks with Albania and North Macedonia

The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama gave an interview to the German newspaper, "Bild" on Friday immediately after his visit to Turkey in which he accused the leaders of the European Union of blocking the accession of Albania and North Macedonia.
"The EU has broken its promises and is leading a rift among the peoples of the Balkans with 'political cynicism'," he said, adding that there's only talk but nothing happens.
"It was a long-cherished ambition of our nations, Albania and North Macedonia to join the European Union and thus enable our citizens to benefit from a free market and participate in this great democracy," Rama said.
In addition the PM noted that neither Albania nor North Macedonia or the rest of the Western Balkans are ready to join the European Union today.
"There are many requirements that we must meet in order to become a member. But our two nations, Albania and North Macedonia, have met all and more the necessary conditions to really start the negotiation process with Brussels. Such a start of negotiations was also decided by the EU Council itself in 2018," said Premier Rama./