PM Warns of Speedy Restructuring Process of Police Structures in Albania

Prime Minister Edi Rama has lashed out at the Mayor of Vlora, Dritan Leli at the meeting of the Socialist Party (SP) Assembly organized Sunday in that city in southern Albania considered as the stronghold of the left-wing majority.

Rama announced that Leli, who has refused to hold a meeting of the municipal council, will be a target of Socialists.

"Dritan Leli no longer has a place in the party, but the battle against him will continue as it is a political decision," said the government head.

Rama has also warned the deputies that none of them will deal with the appointment of directors, as the SP leadership will meet to discuss this and there will be a rotation for many arrogant leaders.

"Forget the system of appointing directors by MPs. I have to gather SP to decide on a lot of arrogant leaders and I warn that there will be rotation," he said. Rama warned of rotation even in the ranks of current directors.

Further on the PM, who has chosen to be a deputy of Durres in the next legislation to start in September this year, said he will not forget Vlora as there are unfinished works.

In the meantime Rama announced the ‘restructuring’ of police structures at a meeting with Interior Minister Bledi Cuci on Sunday. The focus was the latest tragedies which have claimed the lives of 10 Albanian citizens in road accidents and gunfights across this Balkan country over the last 48 hours.

"The restructuring process should be accelerated by a few weeks and we should not wait for the end of the summer," Rama said.

DP chairman Lulzim Basha wrote two lines holding responsible Rama for the latest tragic events without mentioning his name.

"You blame people a lot for the evil that has spread everywhere! The fish stinks from the head," Basha wrote on social networks on Sunday /