President Greets "Prayer Breakfast" in Jerusalem, Wishing Peaceful Atmosphere to Israel and Its Neighbors

President Ilir Meta greeted via video message the traditional annual meeting of  "Prayer Breakfast", which was held in Jerusalem under the special care of the Head of State of Israel, Reuven Rivlin on Thursday.

This important international meeting was attended by Presidents, senior state representatives and political figures from around the world.

"We continue to hope and pray for your political stability in the midst of some recent elections in your country," Meta said.

Referring to the region, he was aware of a very difficult time for all of them in these moments. "We feel grateful to see a return to a more peaceful period for your people as well as your neighbors."

Albanians are proud to have stood by and sided with the Jewish people during the dark period of World War II, sacrificing their lives to protect Jewish families who were sheltered in Albania, Meta said, recalling that no single Jew was handed over to the Nazis and not a single Jewish life was extinguished in Albania during that terrible period.

"Today I express our continued support for you and I pray to God to bring peace and tranquility not only to your country, to your neighbors and the region where you live, but to every country that suffers from conflict!" President Meta said. /