President Meta: “I Will Be in Office until July 24, 2022”

In an extraordinary press conference President Ilir Meta said on Friday the electoral process is not over yet in Albania so everybody should await the final results after the decision by courts of the different complaints on irregularities presented by different political forces.

In a comment on the decision of the parliament made on Wednesday to dismiss him Meta considered it a show of the monist parliament to divert the attention of the public opinion. “The goal is to divert the attention from the electoral crime,” said Meta, who refuted accusations of his involvement in the electoral process. “I have been involved in the campaign to protect the electoral process of April 25. I have campaigned to protect the elections,” he said.

According to him, this parliament is a shame which has never happened in the history of Albania because on top of all there is zero representation of the opposition.  “As a matter of fact, this parliament has been dismissed since April 25.”

In the meantime, he said that he was waiting with patience for the final decision on his dismissal but was confident that he would continue his work. “I will be here until July 24 next year,” Meta told journalists assuring them that he would cooperate with the new parliament. “With the start of the new season, we will be very active here and be calm.”

Further, the head of state said that the goal of Prime Minister Edi Rama has been to occupy every institution but it was the president and the people who prevented him from carrying out his ambition.

“Rama has got used to a 120-member parliament which is not normal,” said Meta, who in the meantime stressed that the violent acts perpetrated before the elections were engineered by Rama and his collaborators.

Asked about the further steps of EU integration the President was sorry for the dispute between North Macedonia and Bulgaria but hoped that the EU would make the right decision on the integration of the two countries. He revealed that Rama has not been interested in the EU integration of Albania.

“I have asked to convince all for the accession talks to be opened because if we move in the right direction in this direction, we will also put under control the processes within the country,” he said.

Answering a question if he knew names who were the politicians that obliged President Joe Biden to sign the latest order against corruption in WB, including Albania, Meta did not know names but said that he signed and made public the extradition accord with US on Thursday, and “we support everything”.

President avoided answering a question if he intended to take the leadership of the Socialist Movement for Integration which is led now by his wife Monika Kryemadhi, when his presidential mandate is expected to be over in July next year. /