President Says It's Inexistent the Issue of Dismissal of Albanian Head of State

The question of dismissal of the head of state does not exist as it is raised after April 25 elections by a parliament without opposition during the last two years and today it is three times more unconstitutional than it was, has said President Ilir Meta.

A parliamentary inquiring commission has presented to parliament a report which contains violations of the Constitution and other wrongful deeds by Meta which are evidence according to the Commission to fire the current President.

Parliament will consider and take action on the report in a plenary session on June 8.

President has ignored the Commission and didn't accept to testify before its members.

"This topic of dismissal is after April 25 and even more so when everything has been confirmed by the president who said even before April 25 that the parliament of the last two years was without opposition and today it is three times more unconstitutional than it was," said Meta in a news conference in Elbasan on Friday.

I have no such concern," said the President who has repeatedly insisted that his mandate ends in July 2022.

"If you want to deal with something serious deal with the investigation of electoral crimes before April 25, during April 25 and after April 25. This is an important topic for everyone," said Meta.

President concluded by saying that citizens must be ensured in a democratic country that everyone is equal, that their vote is not violated. /