President Unnerved by Step to Dismiss Him, Determined to Protect Sovereignty and Integrity of Albania from Traitors and Their Tutors

The president is not at all concerned about the unconstitutional and ridiculous decision of the monist parliamentary landfill, has said Tedi Blushi, President Ilir Meta's spokesman on Facebook, adding in his note that there are no surprises from that decision.
Parliament voted in a large majority in support of the report of the Inquiry Commission to dismiss President of Albania Meta with 104 deputies in favor, 7 against, 3 abstentions while one ballot was found irregular in the parliamentary plenary session on Thursday.
According to Blushi, this step will enter as a case study in the world history of parliamentarism how a parliament without opposition votes for the dismissal of another institution.
"No surprises from the Albanian-Kosovo border trader, the oligarchs' partners and vassals, the incinerators mafia, the robbers of votes, money and property of the Albanians, including the useful idiots, who did nothing today but completed the last step of the serious electoral crime of April 25."
Blushi said that President Meta is more motivated than ever to protect the sovereignty and integrity of Albania from any attempt of traitors, their collaborators and tutors, who have been working for years against the country, Albanians and the national interest. /