Russia Says West’s Kosovo Project ‘Has Failed’

Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has told Serbian tabloid Kurir that “the West’s Kosovo project has failed despite the enormous sums of money poured into it and the media-political support.”

“It is a complete failure,” she added. “I remember how 10 years ago CNN broadcast an ad saying that ‘Kosovo is a land of opportunity.’ And now Kosovo is not a state, and there are no opportunities there. On the contrary, in this period, Kosovo has turned into a problem of the European continent,” Zakharova said.

She went on to accuse Kosovo of being a “black hole of Europe, where organised crime and corruption are prospering, where terrorist and extremist recruitment cells are located, where the atmosphere of national and religious hatred and intolerance is fostered, and the ideology of justifying the mass ethnic cleansing of the non-Albanian population is imposed.”

Zakharova also blamed Kosovo authorities for refusing to implement agreements reached with Serbia during the EU-facilitated dialogue, namely the agreement on the establishment of the association of Serb-majority municipalities. / EURACTIV. hr