SMI's Vasili Unveils Documents Related to International Monitoring Operation in Albania

"The fading activity and continuous overpass of the role of the International Monitoring Operation (IOM) by the Renaissance has been very clearly, strongly and officially announced by the Ministry of Justice, since February-March 2017,"  has said the deputy chairman of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) Petrit Vasili.

In a post on FB on Saturday, Vasili published several documents where, according to him, his party warned about the current problems of the IOM years ago.

The International Monitoring Operation (IOM) (Albanian: Operacioni Ndërkombëtar i Monitorimit - OMN) is a monitoring operation set up to oversee the vetting process of judiciary members in Albania.

"With official documents, the highest instances of the EU in Brussels and the EU Delegation in Tirana as well as the highest officials have been warned that failure to conclude the International Agreement on IOM as required by the Constitution would lead to confusion, delays and uncertainty in fulfilling the key role that it had," said Vasili.

According to him, the internationals were warned that ambiguities and political presence on the Board of Directors would profoundly undermine the fulfillment of IOM functions.

But, as the SMI number two said, the internationals and the Renaissance government refused to reflect on these strong principled concerns based on the Constitution and the Law.

The IOM raised serious concerns for many candidates of the judicial bodies as completely inappropriate, but the Renaissance elected them, severely undermining the integrity of the reform and virtually destroying the IOM's role, said Vasili who concluded by announcing that the documents being published by SMI on Saturday are a serious test, which shows that when the Constitution and the Law are violated, the consequences are very serious and long-term. /