Socialist Number Two Advices the EU to Change System

There has been an advice to the EU by the chairman of the Socialist Party (SP) parliamentary group, Taulant Balla according to whom the Union should change the current decision making system.

The advise was made public by him in the plenary session of Parliament on Thursday after the EU did not set a date on opening  the intergovernmental talks with Albania and North Macedonia during the Portuguese presidency.

"We must be very clear on this issue. Albania has met all the conditions to hold this formal event of the official start of membership talks. Even EU member states, which are skeptical about EU enlargement as a whole, are appreciative of what Albania has achieved," Balla said. "The European Union is an institution with a very difficult decision-making. It is very difficult to find a unanimous consensus. From this point of view, we hope that Bulgaria and North Macedonia will find a solution."

According to him, Albania will continue to have the necessary attention and commitment to advance important reforms.

Balla said the lack of a decision on the date of the Intergovernmental Conference is not at all the responsibility of the Albanian government, the Parliament or Albania as a whole.

"We are not part of the EU, but our only advice is that the EU should change this decision-making system," said SP number two./