Socialist ‘Patronagist’ Caught Red- Handed as Key Drug Dealer

The latest detention of a drug dealer has brought to the surface the question of the so-called patronagists (private spies) used by the ruling Socialist Party (SP) to steal private data of Albanian citizens before the April 25 election.

Just a few days after the words of appreciation on the ‘patronagists’ and their spying job by PM Edi Rama in an interview with a French TV, it is discovered and detained a person accused as organizer of a drug trafficking group in Germany and Switzerland who is a SP ‘private spy’

One of the detained persons – the patronagist- is an employee of the fire department in Tirana.

This was made public by the Democratic Party Secretary General, Gazment Bardhi who announced the following in a post on social networks on Monday:

"Two drug traffickers are detained and wiretaps show that they were engaged in buying votes for the Rama-Doshi regime. An employee of the fire department in Tirana is arrested for drug trafficking and it turns out that he is a patronagist of the Socialist Party. This is the criminalization of politics, this is the election massacre of April 25, so the change that people wanted was thwarted by drug and dirty money traffickers. The eradication of this injustice is and will remain our mission. We will not stop our battle against this minority that uses every means to alienate the free will of the Albanians. With the majority of citizens, we will restore legitimacy and democracy in the country."

About 960,000 persons were spied on by ‘patronagists’ in Tirana used by the SP to collect private data of citizens to be used before the April 25 elections. Strangely enough although international bodies for the protection of human rights denounced such an act the PM, Edi Rama applauded their work encouraging them to keep spying on their subjects.

In addition, not a word of denouncement was said by the US Embassy and its Ambassador, Yuri Kim and the EU Delegation Head, Luigi Soreca, who apparently backed in silence this violation of human rights in Albania. /