SP Extraordinary Congress Unveils Vision of ‘Albania 2030’

The journey of the Socialist Party (SP) from June 12, 1991 when it was founded, the vision for ‘Albania 2030’ and the governing program in the new mandate were among the main topics of the extraordinary Congress which was held in Tirana on Saturday with its chairman and PM Edi Rama as the main protagonist.

The SP held this event against the background of its victory in the April 25 general elections, getting a third mandate to govern Albania.

The SP does not become a cover for any director or minister if the new justice demands accountability, said Rama who spoke at length on a deep reform of the administration changing its way of functioning. “We will not let anyone eat the state behind our backs. The SP flag does not become a cover for any director or minister, if the new justice will demand accountability.”

Rama added that the SP is ready to discuss with the opposition Democratic Party (DP) only the policies that the country needs.

Further on he said that his party supports the justice reform and it will fulfill that commitment to the end. “We want to strengthen the rule of law,” PM said, adding that his party did not care what DP does. "We will discuss with the DP only the policies that the country needs. The worries of Albanians are not divided into blue and pink," said Rama.

In the meantime, a key event was the resignation from all SP functions of the Speaker, Gramoz Ruci who declared the end of his 3-decade political marathon. Ruci made public that he will not accept the mandate of the deputy he won in Fier on April 25 in September this year.

"I have chosen the 30th anniversary of the Socialist Party to resign from any function and role. As long as my mind and heart work, I will be a socialist," said Ruci. /argumentum.al