Specialist Divided Between Calm Pandemic Situation and Alertness for Next Fall in Albania

"The situation seems very calm in Albania. The dramatic drop in hospitalization and critical care reinforces the idea that things are going well," noted anesthesiologist

Alban Beltoja, who works in the Lodi area of ​​Italy, in an interview with an Albanian TV on Wednesday.

"Mass vaccination in Albania, reaching a very high percentage of the population that can be compared to the most advanced countries in Europe, not only provides more protection, but is one more argument to say that the situation is moving towards normalization," he said.

Beltoja's assessments rely on his one-year experience with Covid-19 patients in Albania.

Dr. Beltoja was convinced when he said that Albania is heading towards the end of this pandemic, not only because of vaccination but also natural immunization. According to him, the number of infected people from August to March was very high.

"Also, the serious condition of some of them showed an almost uncontrolled mass circulation of the virus in the population. This has made a large part of the population immunized naturally. Adding to this the process of mass vaccination, I believe that the situation in Albania will be good in the next fall as well."

The specialist warned that it should not be forgotten that this is a pandemic. "Without calming the situation around the world, we can not have complete normalcy in Albania. The risk of a wave like the one we went through this year is almost impossible," said Dr. Beltoja. / argumentum.al