Swiss Company "Helvetic Airways" Puts on Sales Tickets to Kukes Airport

Starting from July 9 this year, Kukes Airport will start the first flights.

This has been confirmed by the Swiss flight company "Helvetic Airways", which has put on sale tickets from Zurich Airport to Kukës, otherwise known as "Zayed-Flatrat e Veriut"

(Zayed- Wings of North).

On the other hand, the first flights from Kukës Airport to Zyrih will be made for the first time on July 14.

It is worth mentioning that Zayed Airport was inaugurated a few days before the official closing of the April 25 electoral campaign.

Prime Minister Edi Rama joined the plane along with immigrants coming from England in its maiden flight.

Initially, the plane with emigrants landed at Rinas Airport, and from there, it departed for Kukës, as the latter, at that time, had not fulfilled the necessary flights to obtain official certification. /