Top Judge Considers US Decision on Penalizing Ex- PM Berisha a Very Serious Decision

Albania's Justice Minister Etilda Gjonaj has considered the decision of the American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken to declare former Prime Minister Sali Berisha persona non- grata a very serious decision.

This revelation was made by the minister in an interview with a local TV on Saturday.

"As long as DASH has followed a long and deep process to come up with such a decision, which is a very serious decision, I believe that they had their reasons to issue this and make it public," she said in her comment on President Biden's last executive order.

According to her, what is very important is the speech of Prime Minister Edi Rama in the Socialist party congress, where he clearly stated that the party will not serve any MP, any minister or party member, if there are problems with the law, corruption or problem of illegality. "Unfortunately, on the part of the DP, we saw a completely different approach, taking Mr. Berisha under his protection," said Gjonaj.

Berisha has been the founder of the first opposition political force in the 1990s and he was considered as the benjamin of the US diplomacy which influenced for him to be the first President after the fall of communism.

Asked if there will be real 'big fish' detained by the special prosecution (SPAK) the Minister said: "SPAK has started to give positive signals for the cases it is pursuing. As long as they are pursuing cases, these are signals that if SPAK has evidence and facts on certain issues even politicians will be absolutely part of their process." /