Village in Quarantine in Peqin Municipality Because of Massive Bird Flu

The bird flu continues to spread in Albania as infected poultry were found in a village in the municiplity of Peqin, south of the country.

So it is officially reported on Saturday that a farm with 180 infected chickens was identified and destroyed by the Veterinary Service in the village of Garunjë in Peqin.

Although the area has been disinfected, the Veterinary Service has called for care. Meanwhile the chickens have been buried to eradicate the spread of bird flu infection and the whole environment has been disinfected.

In a TV interview, Fatmir Ozuni, from the Veterinary Service in Elbasan district, said that the situation is under control and that there are no other new outbreaks.

"The veterinary district service is in an intensive work to deal with the situation of Avian Influenza. The spread of avian influenza was identified on a farm mainly in the municipality of Peqin, in the village of Garunjë e Vogël, but the situation has been monitored. We took immediate measures, such as putting the whole village in the area where the flu has spread in quarantine. All the poultry were buried and burned while the environment was disinfected and today all the veterinarian service is working," said Ozuni.

In the meantime all farmers in Albania are banned from bringing poultry to market./