When a Society Loses Its Root Moral Values, It's No Longer Surprised by Scandals

By Mons. George Frendo O.P.

Four people were killed on Monday night. Maybe we weren’t scared, we weren’t dismayed, nor were we surprised. Because when a society loses its root moral values, it is no longer surprised by scandals, by events unworthy of man. This is the greatest tragedy: when society is no longer alarmed by these events. It means that we are now accustomed to such events. They do not surprise us or shock us anymore. They have become part of our experience.

We need to talk less about politics and football, and more about building a new society, where we learn more about how to respect human life and human rights. And then we can talk about politics and why not about the European football championship, etc. But let’s put our priorities where they need to be. Let us do our best to avoid the suicide of the nation. But who will be the architects of this society that we want?

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