A Government Reshuffle Expected Ousting 'Old Guard'

The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj has not denied that there will be a different Socialist Party (SP) government for the third term in September in an interview he gave for a local TV on Wednesday.
Veliaj said that the focus of the SP and PM Edi Rama is the renewal of the party and the administration, therefore there will be new faces at the leadership level.
He has remembered himself when he became a minister at a very young age and it is not surprising if the boys and girls that the prime minister himself is trying to discover and recruit take responsibility even in very high positions.
"There will be boys and girls who will take responsibility. You have no way to prove the difference. I liked it from the beginning at the SP. It does not say youth is the future. We say youth is the present," he said.
September will be the time when the new parliament will convene having in its composition the 140 deputies elected in April 25 general poll including the 49 deputies of DP which has decided to return to parliament putting an end to its boycott. /argumentum.al