Albanian Driving Licenses Recognized by Italy, But Technicalities Keep It Pending

The accord on the recognition of Albanian driving licenses in Italy entered into force on July 12, has announced the Italian Embassy in Tirana which clarified in the meantime that that work is being done to solve some technical problems.

“Regarding the driving licenses agreement, which entered into force on July 12, we inform you that verifications are being carried out to solve some technical problems to enable those interested to be able to apply as soon as possible for the conversion of their driving licenses," it is said in the announcement of the Italian Embassy.

The agreement on mutual recognition of the driving licenses between Albania and Italy was finalized on March 11 this year and will be valid for 5 years. It is explained that the parties have the right to discuss to proceed with the renewal of this agreement at the end of this 5-year period so that it does not happen even with temporary interruptions in the conversion of driving licenses.

This agreement makes possible that all Albanian citizens who have obtained a driving license in Albania will perform the conversion without the need for theoretical and practical evidence, except in special situations in which a practical driving test is required.

This agreement was reached after a visit of Prime Minister Edi Rama to Italy, where he asked the Italian authorities for the final solution to the recognition of Albanian driving licenses in Italy. /