Albania's PM Claims EU Is More Depressed than Western Balkans

Prime Minister Edi Rama has said that Western Balkans countries are small but united they are big enough.

Rama made that statement at the Prespa Forum on Friday in the presence of the leaders of the region which started on Thursday.

"Isolated and with their backs to the region, we are small, but together we are large enough. We can work together in the region, we can push forward reforms to create more space for our people for more development. Europe can not tell us what to do in this region," said Rama.

Such a stance is a continuation of his criticism towards Brussels which has failed to launch the first accession intergovernmental talks with Albania and North Macedonia.

Rama raised the question that why the regional countries should wait for the removal of barriers for the movement of people and goods, services and capital, to transform customs so that they are no longer obstacles for people.

He went on to say that the countries of the Western Balkans would not beg the EU for integration.

"We are not frustrated or depressed, we are fine. If we can measure depression, they are more depressed than we are. We are not praying, we are not saying, 'Look, we are here, we are behaving well,' accept us. No, we are good, we are growing, we are developing," said Prime Minister Edi Rama at the Prepa Forum. /