All Decisions on National Theater Found Unconstitutional by Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court has overturned all the actions of the government and the municipality of Tirana with regard to the demolition of the National Theater in the Albanian Capital.
According to the court, all decisions, which had been taken, are unconstitutional.
So the Constitutional Court repealed on Friday the special law on the National Theater and suspended the construction of the new theater, but left in force the demolition of the building.
Also, the Constitutional Court has abrogated the decision of the Council of Ministers to transfer the National Theater to the ownership of the Municipality of Tirana.
The Court ruled that the Municipality could not own the land of the National Theater and thus, could not take any action.
According to this Court, the law on "Design and implementation of the urban project and the new building of the National Theater" is incompatible with the Constitution and international agreements, and violates the principle of the rule of law.
The final decision will be announced as reasoned within the legal deadlines. /