AMA Head Elected Despite Internationals' Pressure to Postpone It to September

Challenging internationals and media and civil society associations Parliament dominated by the Socialist Party (SP) deputies has voted for Armela Krasniqi at the head of the Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA).

Krasniqi, a former spokesperson of PM Edi Rama and Director of Albanian Telegraphic Agency, was elected with 83 votes in favor in plenary session on Wednesday, which was the last for this legislature.

While Alketa Dibra received only 9 votes in favor. Regarding the appointment of the head of the AMA who was elected on Wednesday in the Parliament there was a reaction from the European Union delegation in Albania, according to which it would be better for this appointment to be made during the next legislature in September.

There was a similar reaction by the OSCE Presence in Tirana and some foreign ambassadors like the British one. /