Ambassador Kim, SPAK Head Warn of Other Arrests of Senior Officials in Albania

The US Ambassador, Yuri Kim said that the fight against corruption should continue as the phenomenon threatens security at the conference held by the Ministry of Justice for criminal justice on Wednesday.

Recalling President Joe Biden's order to fight corruption, the Ambassador demanded more work from the prosecution, saying that this order has included Albania as other reprehensible behaviors have been identified.

Meanwhile, the head of the special prosecution for serious crimes, SPAK, Arben Kraja, warned that other investigations related to the use of public funds and corruption will be concluded in the coming weeks.

Kraja warned of other hits on those accused  of abuse of public funds and called for the addition of 20 SPAK prosecutors.

The head of the KLP, Gent Ibrahimi, the chief prosecutor, Olsian Çela and the Minister of Justice, Etilda Gjonaj also spoke at the conference on criminal justice, who considered the changes in judicial system as successful reform.  /