As Air Pollution Worsens in Fier DP and SP Trade Barbs

A true apocalypse is going on in the southern city of Fier and its suburbs where the burning of different types of waste in the open is gradually poisoning the entire area risking the life of citizens and destroying small private businesses, especially in agriculture.

Despite citizens’ repeated reaction there are four days that the waste site in Mbrostar, a village close to the city of Fier, is on fire despite the insignificant efforts to put it down.

The high weather temperatures have worsened the conditions turning this city into a ghost place.

"Garbage is burned, families are poisoned, and all this to justify the large payments to mafia shareholders and corrupt government officials involved in incinerators. The victims are the people who are poisoned and robbed," said the chairman of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha on Friday.

According to him, justice is silent, even though the DP has submitted the facts to the special prosecution of serious crime, SPAK, for a long time.

All this is happening even though the government has donated over 400 million euros of Albanian taxes to the incinerators, he said. Basha also accused the media of censorship and its purchase by the plant mafia.

"This is how the regime loves Albania: without rights, without freedom, without truths. That is why it breaks the laws, gets rich by killing health and the economy, robs the budget of Albanians, blackmails and buys justice and the media,” said the DP head.

But Socialist Mayor of Fier Armando Subashi counter attacked, accusing Basha of having tried to thwart the government's investment in the new incinerator plant.

"DP organized endless protests poisoning the minds of people for the construction of the new plant, delaying its completion for about 2 years. He continues to slander endlessly for the alleged poisoning of water, air, soil from the new plant. Today they speak out in public behaving like innocent?!” said Subashi.

"But all this is in vain! A few more days and the history of garbage for Fier in that 70-year-old landfill site will end once and for all. That landfill will be a bitter memory for everyone, but in the first place it will be a stain of shame for Basha & Co, who wanted to keep it alive by any means,” stressed Subashi. /