C19 Delta Variant Is in Albania, August Will Be Its Spreading Peak, Said Deputy Minister

The Delta variant of coronavirus has entered Albania according to apparent signals and suspicious elements of the virus but the results are expected from the Berlin laboratory.

This was declared by the Deputy Minister of Health, Eugena Tomini in a talk show on TV News24 speaking on the coronavirus situation in this Balkan country on Thursday.

According to her, the Delta variant is many times more transmissible and is accompanied by headaches, but unlike Covid-19, the smell and taste indications are not present in the illness.

"We have been talking about suspicious signals and elements for more than two weeks and the suspected samples have been sent to Berlin. Signalling elements of laboratory diagnosis have also been supported by epidemiological data," Tomini said.

Further on she noted that people who have had these suspicious elements are definitely isolated.

"The disease is transmitted through sprays, but its transmission is many times higher. Absolutely, Albania can not be an exception. As the WHO said, the peak of the Delta variant will be marked in August," said the Deputy Health Minister.

Local health authorities reported that there were 34 infected cases over the last 24 hours. The data of the last days show that there is a revival of the virus. The number of infections dropped to 3 cases a few weeks ago but tourism and the relaxation of restriction measures have brought about a climb of the cases with specialists expressing concern for the autumn. / Argumentum.al