Curfew Postponed to Midnight, Sports and Cultural Activities with 30% Capacity of Spectators in Albania

As it was reported earlier starting from July 1 the curfew time will be from 24:00 o'clock to 06:00 in the morning, according to the Technical Committee of Experts, which met on 27 May.

Also sports championships with the presence of fans with reduced capacities up to 30%  are allowed, according to the IPH protocol, as well as allowing spectators in cultural activities.

"From July 1, the police hour is postponed to 24:00 -06:00. The schedule for the music does not change, so it will remain at 22:00. Sports championships are allowed with the presence of fans with reduced capacities up to 30% according to the IPH protocol. The activities of theaters, artistic and cultural performances, conferences are allowed, with a reduced capacity of up to 30% of spectators or participants, according to IPH protocols," said Deputy Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Mira Rakacolli at the press conference of the Technical Committee of Experts on 27 May.

Also, the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu said on Thursday that the plan of further facilitation of the measures will give more breath to the cultural life and tourism.

The Minister appealed to the citizens not to reduce vigilance as there is still a risk from the Delta variant.

"But there is still the alert from the Delta variant, which has been identified in countries near us, so we must not reduce vigilance and we must move quickly with anti-cod vaccination to protect the life and health of citizens," said the minister.

According to the health ministry, only one patient is receiving specialized hospital treatment in the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Tirana . In the last 24 hours there is no loss of life from the virus.

Meanwhile, the vaccination of citizens continues throughout Albania, where a total of 955,498 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered since the beginning of the vaccination. Of these, 399,246 citizens received both doses of the anti-Covid vaccine. /