Dear Megi Fino, You Shouldn’t Be Deputy Minister as "Father's Daughter"!

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The daughter of the late Bashkim Fino, former Prime Minister, Megi Fino has been appointed Deputy Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs. This decision was made on the proposal of Prime Minister Edi Rama during the meeting of the Council of Ministers on June 30, 2021.

Megi Fino was present at the extraordinary Congress of the ruling Socialist Party (SP), which was held on June 12, 2021 at the "Air Albania" stadium in Tirana. She delivered a speech before the Socialists, confirming the fact that she will continue the political project launched by her father. Bashkim Fino passed away at the age of 59 in March this year after being infected with COVID-19.

This is the news that circulates in all media in Albania, and anyone can understand how worthless the news itself is from the very headline. What a wrong message is being conveyed by the Socialist Party and Prime Minister Rama, who is expected to be appointed Prime Minister for the third time in a few weeks.

The untimely passing away of Mr. Fino was a great loss for politics, family but also for many people who loved and appreciated him for everything he was. It must be said that as long as he was alive, he received the benefits of his work, but above all he won the sympathy of the Albanian people for the tranquility characterizing him.

Unlike his daughter, whose values and professional achievements seem to be overshadowed because of this decision of the Rama government from the outset of her political career.

But what is the value of the online interviews organized by the PM with excellent students when you nominate your colleagues' sons and daughters by a government decision?

Are we in a monarchy that leaves the governing legacy to the descendants to follow the path left by their fathers?

Although Megi Fino had not seen herself in politics, she is directly catapulted as a deputy minister as the daughter of the former Prime Minister of Albania.

No personal merit, but only as a father's daughter… How bad! How unfair for those youth who, although they love politics, even though they are excellent students, will have to wait and pass not only hundreds of competitions and interviews, tests and internships but also face nepotism, because their parents have simply not left them the workplace with a "certificate of ownership".

Not everyone is lucky enough to have ancestors who pave the way for them, not to mention that many of the young men and women in Albania have paved their way of knowledge and life with hardships and sweat.

What can we say then about the other structures of the Socialist Party, starting with FRESH and other party bodies? Why are not those young people who directly contribute to the Socialist Party given the opportunity?

If the government made it a fait accompli by appointing you as deputy minister for the sake of your father, do not accept it, dear Megi … At least not now and not as ‘father's daughter’. / doda.m