Delta Variant of Covid-19 Has Arrived in Albania, Reveals Health Minister

The Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu has announced that there are signals that the Delta version of Covid-19 has arrived in Albania.

Emphasizing that the situation is being monitored very carefully, the Minister of Health informed from the Sauk Health Center on Friday that there are unusual signals from the analysis conducted at the Institute of Public Health (IPH) for the presence of the Delta variant in Albania.

"Analyzes are being done at the Institute of Public Health and it is estimated that a series of samples, which have been identified as unusual signals, will be taken to the Reference Laboratory in Germany for further assessments and genomic sequencing in order to see if there is a possible circulation of the Delta variant in Albania," she said.

The Minister of Health said that vaccination will continue with intensity during the summer and spoke about the calendar of arrival of anti-Covid vaccines in the country.

"Within July-August we expect another 500,000 doses of vaccines to continue this vital process, which is the best weapon to avoid the consequences of possible new variants, such as the Delta variant," said Manastirliu.

The Minister informed that the best age group covered in terms of vaccination is 70-79 years old, while she appealed to the citizens to use the opportunity to be vaccinated as soon as possible. According to her, the national vaccination plan envisages the continuation of the combined vaccination but also the open vaccination days for +18 years old people, which will be restored in July and August./