Deputy PM Warns Albanians that COVID Hasn’t Gone, But Vaccination Rate Low

"COVID is not gone. The pandemic is not over. But the pandemic is now only in those who have not been vaccinated. Use the opportunity now. Get vaccinated with both doses and save yourself, your family and the community, "said Deputy PM Erion Brace in an appeal to all citizens to be vaccinated in Albania.

In all health centers as well as in the vaccination points set up in the framework of the campaign "Albania Smiles" the open week of mass vaccination of citizens over the age of 18 started on Monday.

According to Brace, two full doses completely eliminate severe forms of Covid, hospitalization and loss of life.

"Get up and go get the vaccine. Two full doses completely eliminate severe forms of covid, hospitalization and loss of life. It's not a little, it's a lot. Do not forget how the virus spread and killed people in Kemishtaj, Mertish, Mize, Xeng, Divjake, Cerme, Grabian," stressed number two of the government.

The information provided by the health authorities show that there has been a rising trend of infections over the last days, and specialists have said that although the figures are low the threat is present. Some predict that starting from August Delta variant can spread more rapidly in this Balkan country. The number of the infected people was 11 during the last 24 hours, an increase as compared with earlier days when that figure varied from 3 to 5.

Some local TVs reported on Monday that the interest of the citizens to get the vaccines has been low, especially among youth over 18 years old despite the repeated appeals by officials and medical specialists.

In the meantime, owners of tourist resorts and restaurants protested in the southern city of Vlora demanding the lifting of the ban on music. They considered the curfew in summer as senseless. PM Edi Rama ordered the technical committee to change the time limit for the music in public places from 22 to 23 at night starting on July 20. Those who want music at later hours can go to places out of neighborhoods where they do not disturb citizens, said PM Rama.  /