Doctors Protest Saying Justice Is Violating Civil Rights in Albania

Doctors of the Trauma Hospital in Tirana held a protest for the second day in defense of their colleagues arrested under the charge of bribery.

They claimed on Friday that their arrest is illegal and unfounded in evidence and they stated that justice is exceeding the target of civil rights.

Doctors demanded that no popular trials be held, but evidence be found and then detainees can be kept in jail.

During the protest on Thursday doctors said that the arrest of their colleagues was unfair, calling violation of the integrity of 'white shirts' by putting in prison them as full completion of the investigation is not carried out.

According to them, the problem in Albania is the system and that the solution is not the imprisonment. They stressed the need for hospital autonomy

"Justice is exceeding the target of civil rights. Popular trials against doctors should not be held. After finding evidence they can  be held in jail. We do not agree on the act of bribery," declared doctor Gent Stroni on behalf of his colleagues.

The two doctors of QSUT Serdi Memini, 34 years old, and Ervin Sulaj, 45 years old, were put behind bars under the charge of corruption as they are suspected of taking bribes for the operation of 17-year-old Elmidin Dyli, who was injured in the Velipoja massacre a few days ago.