DP Calls on SPAK to Detain Tirana Mayor Over Unconstitutional Demolition of National Theater

The special prosecution for serious crimes known as SPAK in Albania must show that it considers everyone equal before the law by immediately arresting Tirana’s Mayor Erion Veliaj, the perpetrator and directly responsible for the demolition of the National Theater, has said the newly elected deputy of the Democratic Party, Albana Vokshi.

According to Vokshi on Saturday, Veliaj abused his office and destroyed national property in flagrant violation of the Constitution and the laws of the country.

"Albanian citizens want justice, Albanian citizens deserve justice, so the state crime committed by Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj, proven by the Constitutional Court, should be punished as soon as possible," said Vokshi, a senior official of the DP which praised on Saturday the recent decision of the Constitutional Court on the National Theater.

The unconstitutional promulgation of the law on the construction of the theater with PPP, which robbed public property, and the decision to transfer the theater from the Ministry of Culture to the municipality nullifies any decision of the Municipal Council and Erion Veliaj on a property that does not belong to him, she said. "This decision is illegal. Today everyone knows who were the barbarians and destroyers of a historical and spiritual value of the nation. "Today, everyone knows that the years-long battle of the Alliance for the Protection of Theater, the Democratic Party and the citizens who came to the defense of the building was right."

Further on the DP deputy said the cause of the theater remains a cause in defense of the basic law that holds Albanians together, the Constitution, and democracy. "After this decision of the Constitutional Court, the Democratic Party asks the SPAK to rise to the height of the expectations of Albanian citizens and to take out of the drawers the DP report on the demolition of the National Theater," said Vokshi.

SPAK and other new bodies set up in the frame of the judicial reform including the reformatting of the Constitutional Court have continuously been subject of public statements of the US and the EU ambassadors, but they have kept silent on the latest decision on an issue which is very sensitive for Albanians. Apparently, their silence is linked with the fact that Tirana Mayor Veliaj and PM Rama are linked with this ruling made by the Constitutional Court. /argumentum.al